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If you wish to join the best AngularJS training 2& 4 in Bangalore then you should get yourself enrolled at the next batch of AngularJS training at Upshot Technologies in Chennai. Because we are the ones providing the best AngularJS training in Chennai and have the most qualified trainers, job oriented syllabus, impeccable study materials and state-of-the-art facilities. With 100% placement record and the highest salary packages for our students, we have received the title “best AngularJS training in Chennai” among the freshers and job-seekers.

About AngularJS:

  A JavaScript based open-source framework for designing front-end web-applications.
  Maintained by Google and a community of individual developers and corporations.
  First version (1.0.0) was released on October 2010 and the latest version (1.6.8) was released on December 2017.
  Developed to simplify the development and testing of web-applications by providing Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.
  AngularJS is best used in a single page application to reload a part of the page instead of the whole page when a small data is changed.
  However, there are two variants in AngularJS called Angular 2 and Angular 4. Angular2+ versions are simply called Angular, no JS at the end.
  Angular (2 and 4) is a Typescript-based front-end web application platform developed by the Angular Team itself and it is a complete rewrite of AngularJS.
  It uses hierarchy of components, different expression syntax, Typescript language (superset of ES6) and Dynamic loading.

Upshot Technologies is one of the leading training institutes in Chennai and has been successfully providing the best AngularJS training in Chennai. With our experienced trainers and world-class facilities, we have been able to achieve 100% placement record and get the title the “best AngularJS training institute in Chennai” in the industry. There are two sub courses under the AngularJS training namely Angular 2 and Angular 4 training. Special qualities of our AngularJS training and the Angular 2 and 4 training are given below:

  Designed to produce AngularJS and Angular professionals who are in short supply against a large demand in the industry.
  Extensive with all the concepts used in AngularJS and Angular 2 and 4.
  Prepared by experts to satisfy the expectations of the companies using AngularJS and Angular 2 and 4.
  Updated after every release of AngularJS and Angular to keep our students up-to-date.
  Includes building simple applications using AngularJS and Angular 2 and 4.

  Experts with a successful career in AngularJS or Angular domain.
  Have in-depth knowledge of the concepts and technologies used in AngularJS and Angular 2 and 4.
  Ardent and experienced teachers with good communication skills.
  Conduct doubt clarification sessions whenever the students request.

  State-of-the-art computer lab with the latest versions of AngularJS and Angular installed in all the systems.
  Sophisticated lab with technical assistants to help our students practice.
  Projector-friendly smart classrooms to show the working of the concepts explained in theory classes.
  Video-conferencing enabled rooms to provide guest lectures by leading experts in AngularJS and Angular.
  Free high-speed Wi-Fi to help our students learn more about AngularJS and Angular..

  Guaranteed jobs for all the students who complete our AngularJS training.
  Dedicated team of specialists to help our students get placed as soon as possible.
  Step-by-step guidance by experts to prepare job-winning resumes.
  Lot of study materials to prepare for the technical interviews.
  Both technical and aptitude related mock tests to help our students be prepared.

Some other special qualities of the Best AngularJS training course in Chennai are:

  Flexible batch timings to accommodate students who maybe working or not or studying.
  Lowest possible fees with highest possible quality of training, for the benefit of students.
  Our own study materials which are supplementary to our training and reliable.
  Lifelong access to our online sources containing information about AngularJS and Angular.
  Corporate training and special 1-to-1 training can be arranged for those who request.

AngularJS 2 & 4 Course Content

  Anatomy of an Angular Application
  Get the Most from This Course
  Sample Application
  Course Outline

Introduction to Angular JS
  Selecting a Language
  Selecting an Editor
  Setting up Our Environment
  Setting up an Angular Application
  Installing an Angular Application
  Running an Angular Application
  About Modules

Introduction to Components
  What Is a Component?
  Creating the Component Class
  Defining the Metadata with a Decorator
  Importing What We Need
  Demo: Creating the App Component
  Bootstrapping Our App Component
  Demo: Bootstrapping Our App Component
  Checklists and Summary

Templates, Interpolation, and Directives
  Building a Template
  Building the Component
  Using a Component as a Directive
  Binding with Interpolation
  Adding Logic with Directives: ngIf
  Adding Logic with Directives: ngFor
  Checklists and Summary

Data Binding & Pipes
  Property Binding
  Handling Events with Event Binding
  Handling Input with Two-way Binding
  Transforming Data with Pipes
  Checklists and Summary

More on Components
  Defining Interfaces
  Encapsulating Component Styles
  Using Lifecycle Hooks
  Building Custom Pipes
  Filtering a List
  Checklists and Summary

Building Nested Components
  Building a Nested Component
  Using a Nested Component
  Passing Data to a Nested Component Using @Input
  Passing Data from a Component Using @Output
  Checklists and Summary

Services and Dependency Injection
  How Does It Work?
  Building a Service
  Registering the Service
  Injecting the Service

Retrieving Data Using HTTP
  Observables and Reactive Extensions
  Sending an HTTP Request
  Exception Handling
  Subscribing to an Observable
  Checklists and Summary

Navigation and Routing Basics
  Generating Code and Handling Undefined
  How Routing Works
  Configuring Routes
  Tying Routes to Actions
  Placing the Views
  Checklists and Summary

Navigation and Routing Additional Techniques
  Passing Parameters to a Route
  Activating a Route with Code
  Protecting Routes with Guards
  Checklists and Summary

Angular Modules
  What Is an Angular Module?
  Bootstrap Array
  Declarations Array
  Exports Array
  Imports Array
  Providers Array
  Feature Modules
  Demo: Feature Modules
  Shared Module
  Revisiting AppModule
  Checklists and Summary

Deploying with the CLI
  Angular CLI Overview
  ng new
  ng serve
  ng generate
  ng test
  ng build
  Checklists and Summary

About the Course Update & Angular 4
  What’s new and What changed in Angular 4
  Difference between Angular 1,2 and 4.

Type script for Angular JS 2,4.
  Using Types
  Wrap up & Modules

Note: candidates completing above course should be able to develop Angular JS 2

There are no certifications available for AngularJS and Angular (2 or 4). However, without certification also you can show your skills and knowledge by developing your own websites/web-applications using AngularJS or Angular. These projects have more weightage than any certification and that is why, they have been mandatory in our training, the Best AngularJS training in Chennai. Also, these projects will greatly increase your chances of getting selected for the job. Since you are studying at the Best AngularJS training institute in Chennai, you will not require any certification to get a job or to start your career in AngularJS or Angular domain. As soon as you complete our training, our placement cell will make sure that you got a job in AngularJS or Angular domain without the need for any certification. So, all you need to do is complete our AngularJS or Angular training. Studying at the best AngularJS training institute in Chennai  has a lot of benefits even if there is no official certification available

After completing the best AngularJS training in Chennai, you will have many career opportunities coming from all over the world. Some of the Job positions to which you can apply, are listed below:

  AngularJS Developer
  FrontEnd Engineer – Javascript/AngularJS
  Full Stack Developer – AngularJS
  Angular 2 or 4 UI Developer
  Angular 2 Developer

Apart from those listed above, there are other career options also available to you such as promotions, switching job to new company and teaching AngularJS or Angular at training institutes. You can also start freelancing to develop websites or web-applications on-demand using AngularJS or Angular. That is one of the benefits of studying at the best AngularJS training institute in Chennai.

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