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For all those who are looking for the best Big Data course in Chennai, Big Data training at Upshot technologies is what you are looking for. Upshot technology in Chennai is able to provide the best Big Data training in Chennai because it values the satisfaction of the students more than the profit from the training.

About Big Data:

  Big Data is essentially a huge amount of complex data which includes various kinds of data like raw data, structured and semi-structured data etc.
  Due to its complexity, this data cannot be processed by traditional processing tools.
  Even storing and retrieving this data is also beyond the capabilities of traditional processing tools.
  That is why special tools and frameworks like Hadoop were being developed to handle Big Data.
  However, it may provide very valuable insights that can alter the course of the business unimaginably.
  If processed properly, you can even predict people’s opinions and foreseeable events.
  Now you can understand the interest of many big multinational corporations and governments in adapting to Big Data and the related tools.

Upshot Technologies is one of the finest training institutes in Chennai and it is providing the best Big Data course in Chennai successfully. The reason for our success is that we have covered all the important bases for success in the software training domain – Curriculum, Faculties, Facilities, and Placement. Some of the special features of our course are listed below:


  Our curriculum is designed by a special team of experts with inputs from Big Data experts, and top-level recruiters in the domain.
  It is comprehensive with topics ranging from Database to Business Insights.
  It is prepared using scientifically sound techniques to improve the efficiency of the teaching

  We have certified experts who have more than 10 years of work experience in Big Data domain.
  They are also empathic and ardent trainers who are dedicated to teaching Big Data.
  They will never leave the class without clarifying the doubts of the students first.
  They can provide guidance and emotional support if needed.

  Our facility has an advanced computer lab with all the high-end hardware to install the tools required to Big Data and we also employ some of the latest technologies to provide better training for our students.
  For example, we have a high-speed internet connection and a video-conferencing setup to provide webcasts of events related to Big Data and to provide guest lectures by experts from anywhere in the world.

  We have an excellent placement program which ensures that our 100% placement record will never be broken.
  Our special experts on the placement training help the students prepare themselves for a good and bright career in Big Data domain and the placement team arranges recruitment drives and reference interviews until last one of the batch is placed.
  There are also other non-technical benefits in choosing our Big Data course such as three different batches per day with at least one suitable for every person from all walks of life, flexible fees structure with concessions and installments for the talented, access to all our online resources related to Big Data and technical support to install and practice at your home.

There are also other advantages in choosing Upshot Technologies, the Best Big Data analytics training institute

  Various batch timings with at least one suitable for every person from all walks of life.
  Flexible fees structure with scholarships and other perks for the needy.
  Technical support to install and practice latest data processing tools at home.
  Special 1-to-1 training and online training are also available.

Big Data Analytics Training Syllabus

Big Data Analytics introduction
  Big Data overview
  What is a data scientist?
  What are the roles of a data scientist?
  Big Data Analytics in industry

Data analytics lifecycle
  Data Discovery
  Data Preparation
  Data Model Planning
  Data Model Building
  Data Insights

Data Analytic Methods Using R
  Introduction to R
  Analyzing and Exploring the Data
  Model Building and Evaluation

Machine learning-Theory and Methods

Introduction to analytics for unstructured data-MapReduce and Hadoop

Sample analytics project

Creating final deliverables

Big Data is a broad concept and one can perform analytics in Big Data in numerous ways. Also, there is no official governing body. For all these reasons, there is no official certification for Big Data course. But there are other Certifications provided by top-level MNCs and universities which are accepted by a lot of companies. Some of the certifications are provided below:

  IBM Certified Data Architect – Big Data by IBM Professional Certification Program
  EMC Proven Professional Data Scientist Associate by Dell Education services
  SAS Certified Big Data Professional by SAS Institute

These are few examples and there are numerous certifications available for Big Data and Big Data analytics. Our Big Data training is more than enough to get most of these certifications and our experts will guide you through the process of getting these certifications. You just keep the study materials and class notes safe, so that you can prepare for the certification exams whenever required. Also, when you are studying the best Big Data course in Chennai, you will not require these certifications to get a job. All you need to do is complete our course with flying colours

After the completion of our Big Data course, you will be eligible and confident to apply for numerous job opportunities across the globe. Some of the positions you can apply for, are listed below:

  Big Data Analytics Engineer
  Business Analyst
  Data Analyst – Predictive Modelling
  Solutions Architect – Big Data Analytics

There are also other career options available to you such as promotions, switching job to an MNC and teaching Big Data at institutes or online platforms. You can even start your own business in Big Data analytics if you want to. Whatever decision you take, our placement team will be with you and help in any way possible to achieve your goal. That is one of the perks in studying at the best Big Data training institute in Chennai.

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“You don’t have to believe our words that name Upshot technologies as the Best IT training institute in Chennai but you have to believe the words of our students which are spoken from the experience they had from our training


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