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If you are searching for the best Data Science With SAS  training in Chennai then you have come to the correct place, Upshot technologies in Chennai. Because, we are the Best training centre in teaching Data Science With SAS in Chennai.

About Data Science:

  How to extract insights from Data which includes structured and unstructured data.
  Unifies statistics, data analysis and their related methods to analyze data.
  Uses techniques and ideas from various fields such as mathematics, statistics, and computer science (Databases, machine learning etc).
  Used commonly in business analytics only because other alternatives like Big Data and Machine learning had grown enormously in recent years.

About SAS:

  Software suite to mine, alter and manage data from multiple sources.
  Developed by North Carolina State University in 1966.
  SAS institute took charge of it when it was founded in 1976.
  Supports both SAS language and GUI (for non-technical users).

Used in various departments of a business such as fraud detection, risk management and supply chain intelligence etc.


  Crafted by experts to satisfy the expectations of the IT industry.
  Covers both Data science and SAS with emphasis on SAS at practical sessions.
  Provides you the benefits of two courses, Data Science and SAS.
  Designed along with a special course plan for efficient training.
  Contains many real-life examples and parts of on-going projects for practice.

  Working Professionals with superior skills and a decade-long career. – Have comprehensive knowledge in both Data science and SAS.
  Experts with official Certifications in Data Science or SAS or both.
  Compassionate and Responsible trainers.
  Clarifies doubts of students whenever and wherever possible.
  Provides feedbacks and consultations to our students whenever required.

  State-of-the-art computer lab with the recent version of SAS in all the systems.
  Projector-friendly classrooms and sophisticated study halls.
  Business analytics related projects to improve their skills in SAS and Data science.
  Students are encourage to make use of all facilities like labs and study halls.
  High-speed Internet to help our enthusiastic students learn more.

  100% placement guarantee to all our students who complete the course successfully.
  A dedicated team to ensure that all of our students will get a job in SAS domain.
  Guidance to prepare an impressive Resume or CV.
  Provide study materials for technical interview and tips to personal interview.
  Conduct mock tests and interviews to familiarize our students.

There are also other perks in joining the Best training institute for Data science with SAS such as

  Flexible batch timings to accommodate students, freshers and working professionals.
  Affordable fees structure with various payment methods to help our students financially.
  Access to numerous online study materials related to Data science and SAS.
  1-to-1 training and corporate training can be arranged if informed earlier.

DataScience with SAS Syllabus

Overview of SAS
  Introduction and History of SAS
  Significance of SAS software solutions in various industries
  Demonstrate SAS Capabilities
  Job Profile / career opportunities with SAS worldwide?

Base SAS Fundamentals
  Explore SAS Windowing Environment
  SAS Tasks
  Working with SAS Syntax
  Create and submit a SAS sample program

Data Access & Data Transformation
  Accessing SAS Data libraries
  Getting familiar with SAS Data set

Reading SAS data set
  Introduction to reading data
  Examine structure of SAS data set
  Understanding of SAS works

Reading Excel worksheets
  Using Excel data as input
  Create as sample program to import and export excel sheets

Reading Raw data from External File
  Introduction to raw data
  Reading delimited raw data file (List Input)
  Using standard delimited data as input
  Using nonstandard delimited data as input
  Reading raw data aligned to columns (Fixed or column input)
  Reading raw data with special instructions (Formatted input)

Writing to an External file
  Write data values from SAS data set to an external file

Data transformations (Data step processing)
  Create multiple output datasets from single SAS dataset
  Writing observations to one or more SAS datasets
  Controlling which observations and variables to be written to output data

Creating subset of observations using
  Where condition
  Conditional processing using: IF statements

Processing Data Iteratively
  Iterative DO loop processing with END statement
  DO WHILE & DO UNTIL Statement
  SAS Array statement

Summarizing data
  Creating and Accumulating total variable (Retain)
  Using Assignment statement
  Accumulating totals for a group of data (BY group)

Manipulating Data
  Sorting SAS data sets
  Manipulating SAS data values
  Presentation of user defined values /data/currency values using FORMAT procedure
  SAS functions to manipulate char and num data
  Convert data type form char-to num and num-to-char
  SAS variables lists/ SAS variables lists range
  Debugging SAS program
  Accessing observations by creating index

Restructuring a SAS data set
  Rotating with the data step
  Using the transpose procedure

Combining SAS data sets
  One to one reading
  One to one merging (with non-matching)
  Match merging (Merging types with IN=option)

SAS Access & SAS Connect
  Validating and cleaning data
  Detect and correct syntax errors
  Examining data errors

Analysis & Presentation



Producing detailed /Summary Reports
  Freq Report
  Means Report
  Tabulate Report
  Proc report
  Summary report
  Univariate report
  Contents report
  Print report
  Compare proc
  Copy proc
  Datasets proc
  Proc append
  Proc delete

Generating Statistical Reports using
  Regression proc
  Uni/Multivariate proc
  Anova proc

Generating Graphical reports using
  Producing Bar and Pie charts (GCHART Proc)
  Producing plots (GPLOT Proc)
  Presenting Output Report result in:
  Text files
  HTML Files

SAS/SQL Programming
  Introduction and overview to SQL procedure
  Proc SQL and Data step comparisons

Basics Queries
  Proc SQL syntax overview
  Specifying columns/creating new columns
  Specifying rows/subsetting on rows
  Ordering or sorting data
  Formatting output results
  Presenting detailed data
  Presenting summarized data

Sub Queries
  Non correlated sub queries
  Correlated sub queries

SQL Joins (Combining SAS data sets using SQL Joins)
  Introduction to SQL joins
  Types of joins with examples
  Simple to complex joins
  Choosing between data step merges and SQL joins

SET Operators
  Introduction to set operations
  Except/Intersect/Union/Outer union operator

Additional SQL Procedures features
  Creating views with SQL procedure
  Dictionary tables and views
  Interfacing Proc SQL with the macro programming language
  Creating and maintaining indexes
  SQL Pass-Through facility

SAS Macro Language
  Introduction to macro facility
  Generate SAS code using macros
  Macro compilation
  Creating macro variables
  Scope or macro variables
  Global/Local Macro variables
  User defined /Automatic Macro variables
  Macro variables references
  Combing macro variables references with text
  Macro functions
  Quoting (Masking)
  Creating macro variables in Data step (Call SYMPUT Routine)
  Obtaining variable value during macro execution (SYMGET function)
  Creating macro variables during PROC SQL execution (INTO Clause)
  Creating a delimited list of values
  Macro parameters
  Strong Macro using Autocall Features
  Permanently storing and using stored compiled macro program
  SAS Macro debugging options to track problems

Basics Statistics
  Standard deviation
  Correlation Coefficients
  Linear regressions
  Chi Square

SAS institute is offering four different certifications for Data science with SAS. Each one is offered for a specific skillset and you can get the first two certifications with our Data science with SAS course. For the next two certifications, you have to do a specialized course on Enterprise Miner with SAS and Business analysis with SAS respectively. Our placement cell will provide you complete guidance on how to apply, prepare and clear the exam in your first attempt. The list of Certifications by SAS is given below:

  SAS Certified Data Scientist Using SAS 9.
  SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional Using SAS 9.
  SAS Certified Predictive Modeler Using SAS Enterprise Miner 14.
  SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst Using SAS 9: Regression and Modelling.

We will also help you join the Certification community and get registered in Certified Professional Directory after you got your Certification.

After the completion of our training on Data science with SAS, you will be qualified for numerous job opportunities from all over the world. Some of the positions you will be appointed to, are listed below:

  Data Scientist – SAS
  Business Intelligence Analyst
  Data Science Modelers
  Senior Consultant – Consumer analytics

Apart from these, there are other career options also be available for you such as promotions, job switching to a MNC and teaching at institutes or online platforms.

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