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Dynamics AX Functional Course Syllabus

Supply Chain Foundation

Overview of AX 2012
Differences between AX2009 vs. 2012                                                                      Overview – Supply Chain Management                                                                     Product Information Management
Inventory Management Setup
Purchase Orders
Serial and Batch Numbers
Sales Orders
Quality Management
Inventory Journals

Distribution and Trade

Overview – Distribution and Trade                                                                                Over/Under Delivery and Charges                                                                               Customer and Vendor Agreements                                                                                   Item Arrival and Registration                                                                                                    Quarantine Management                                                                                               Vendor Returns
Sales Quotations                                                                                                                     Item Reservations                                                                                                                       Sales Order Picking                                                                                                       Customer Returns.                                                                                                              Transfer Orders                                                                                                             . Reports

Bills of Materials

Bills of Materials Overview
Creating Simple BOMs
Creation BOMs with Versions
Working with BOM and Item Configurations                                                                 Sales Orders and BOMs                                                                                                            Scrap and Measurement
Report a BOM as Finished
Reports and other BOM Functionality


Logistics and Trade Definition
Inventory Management
Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0: Physical and Financial Inventory

Understanding the information Flow in Microsoft Dynamics

Working with Purchase and Sales Orders

Purchase order – Simple view

Create Purchase Order lines
Purchase Orders – Advanced view
Purchase Order Types
Sale Order Simple and Advanced view                                                                             Sales Order types
Purchase and Sales Parameters
Multiple ship to functionality
Enhanced delivery date control
Direct delivery


Setup a Sales Quotation
Work with Quotations
Various Quotation functions


Item Groups
Inventory Model Groups                                                                                         Dimension Groups
Inventory Parameters
Creating Items                                                                                                                              Units of measure and setting up unit conversion                                                       Warehouse Management
Setting Purchase, Cost and Sales Pricing of Items                                                                    Sales and Purchase Order                                                                                                           What is Posting ?
Post Purchase Orders
Updating sales Order
Sales Order Posting Profile
Purchase Order Posting Profile                                                                                                     Serial and Batch Numbers                                                                                                       Setting up Serial and Batch Numbers as Inventory Dimensions                                  Manually allocating Serial and / or Batch Numbers
Automatically allocating Serial and / or Batch Numbers


Creating Number groups Automatic allocation                                                            Changing Serial & Batch Numbers
Edit Dimension Forms
Transfer Journal                                                                                                                           Over/ Under Delivery and Miscellaneous Charges                                                                   Over/Under delivery Setup
Parameter Setup
Item Setup                                                                                                                            Over/Under delivery Transactions                                                                            Miscellaneous Charges
Fixed Charges
Miscellaneous Charges Codes
Setting Up Manual Miscellaneous Charges
Setting Up Automatically Miscellaneous Charges                                                          Editing Automatic Miscellaneous Charges
Miscellaneous charges Transactions
Landed Cost Miscellaneous Charges                                                                                 Quarantine Management                                                                                                     Quarantine Management Setup                                                                               Quarantine Warehouse Setup                                                                                     Quarantine Parameters
Quarantine Item Management                                                                                     Quarantine Processing                                                                                                              Manual Quarantine Orders
Automatic Quarantine Management
Quarantine Order Processing Options
Inventory Transactions on Quarantine Items                                                                      Reporting and Statistics                                                                                                             Purchase Order Analysis.                                                                                               Deciding Item Coverage                                                                                                       Sales Order Analysis                                                                                                                        Trade & Logistic II Item Registration                                                                                       Item Registration Setup
Automatic and Manual Registration of a Pick
Item registration of serialized and batch inventory                                                         Editing, Reversing and split picks
Release Sales order picking                                                                                                Reservations and Marking                                                                                                  Reservation, Dimensions and Transactions                                                                                     Reservation parameters                                                                                                               Manual Reservations
Automatic Reservations                                                                                                Explosion Reservations                                                                                                         View Reservations
Lock Reservations
Cancel Reservations
Batch Reservations
Picking Reserved Items                                                                                                  Marking                                                                                                                                              Item Returns                                                                                                                                    Vendor Returns
Vendor Returns with serialized Items                                                                           Customer Returns
Customer serialized Returns

Customer and Vendor Trade Agreements

Setup Trade Agreements
Activate Trade Agreements
Trade Agreement Parameters
Make adjustments to Agreements Supplementary Items

Inventory Closing

The fundamental Costing issue
Standard Cost Price
Estimated Inventory values before closing Packing slip updates and inventory value Inventory models used for closing
The dimension group parameter financial

Inventory and inventory closing

Pre- closing actions
Closing Inventory
Inventory recalculation
Manual inventory adjustments
Inventory costing and adjusting reports

Inventory Journal

Inventory Journal general setup Journal Names
Dimensions and more

Profit/Loss and movement Journal

Transfer Journal
Bills of Material Journal


Counting Journals Setup
Warehouse Items
Counting groups
Creating and processing a counting journal Tag counting Journal

Transfer Orders

Setup for transfer orders
Using the Transfer orders form Picking items for a transfer order

Shipping and receiving a transfer order


Commission setup
Commission posting
Commission customer group and commission,Item Group
Commission sales group
Commission calculation
Viewing commission transactions
Commission transaction for item returns


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