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If you wish to join the best Google Analytics training institute in Chennai then you have come to the right place, Upshot Technologies in Chennai. Because we are the ones successfully providing the best Google Analytics training in Chennai with experienced professionals, up-to-date computer lab and an amazing career guidance system. With all these features, we have easily achieved the 100% placement ratio in all our batches and rightfully attained the name “best Google Analytics training institute in Chennai

About Google Analytics:

  • A web analytics service provided by Google LLC since November 2005 as a freemium service (i.e.) free to use with basic features but additional features are charged.
  • It is offered in two other versions also namely Google Analytics 360 which targets enterprise users and Google Analytics for Mobile Apps to gather usage data from Apps.
  • It was developed from another web analytics program called Urchin, developed by Urchin Software Corporation. Google acquired the company in April 2005 and used its ideas.
  • Combined with Google AdWords, users can review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and the goals such as sales, lead generation or downloading a particular file.
  • Cohort analysis feature helps to understand the behavior of a group of users apart from the user population which is beneficial to marketers for implementing a marketing strategy.
  • Implemented using “page tags” called the Google Analytics Tracking Code, which is a snippet of JavaScript code to collect data from visitors’ browser and send it to data collection server.
  • Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service and it is currently in use on around 55% of the 10,000 most popular websites.

Upshot Technologies is one of the leading training institutes in Chennai and has been successfully providing the best Google Analytics training in Chennai. With experienced professionals, up-to-date computer lab and an amazing career guidance system, we have proved to be the best Google Analytics training institute in Chennai.Special features of our Google Analytics training are given below:


Designed to produce skilled professionals who are in short supply in Google Analytics domain.

Comprehensive with all the concepts and technologies used by Google Analytics.

Prepared by experts after analysing the requirements of the industry.

Updated often to include the recent developments in Google Analytics.

Includes simple real-time projects in Google Analytics as practice.


Experienced professionals with a successful career in Google Analytics.

Have detailed knowledge of the concepts and technologies used in Google Analytics.

Passionate teachers with the much needed soft skills to handle students.

Take special doubt clarification sessions often and before every practical session to help our students understand better.

Provide counselling or guidance for the students who need them.


Advanced lab with access to all versions of Google Analytics to train our students.

Projector-friendly classrooms with internet connection to show the working of Google Analytics.

Video-conferencing enabled halls to provide guest lectures by leading experts in Google Analytics.

Sophisticated lab with support staffs to help our students practice.

Unlimited internet connection to help our students learn about Google Analytics.


Assured jobs for all the students who had completed our Google Analytics training.

Determined placement team to place all our students as soon as possible.

Guide our students to prepare impressive resumes highlighting their specialties.

Offer a lot of study materials to prepare for the technical interview.

Mock tests and interviews to help our students clear the interviews easily.

Some other advantages of our Best Google Analytics training in Chennai are listed below:

  • Flexible batch timings suitable for both employed and to-be employed professionals.
  • Reasonable fees structure to help students join our Google Analytics training.
  • In-house developed study materials that will complement our training.
  • Access to an online library containing information about Google Analytics.

Corporate training and special 1-to-1 training can be arranged if requested.

Google Analytics Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
    • What Is Web Analytics?
    • Where are Web Analytics Used?
  • Google Analytics Premium & Standard Comparison
  • Setup Google Analytics
    • For website tracking
    • For mobile app tracking
  • Linking other google products like Adwords etc with google analytics
  • Schedule Email Reports
  • Google analytics Key Term Metric
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Intelligence Events
  • Audience Reports
  • Demographics Reports
  • Geo Report
  • Behaviour Report
  • Engagement Report
  • Real Time Report
  • Benchmarking Report
  • Users Flow Report
  • E-commerce Report
  • Adwords Report
  • Social Report

Search Console Report.

Google LLC is providing an official certification for Google Analytics professionals namely Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ). This is to demonstrate the proficiency of the individual in Google Analytics. The individual has to pass the Google Analytics assessment. Our training and the study materials are more than enough to pass the assessment and get the certification. We will also guide you throughout the process and ensure that you get the certification as early as possible. However, when you are studying at the best Google Analytics training institute in chennai, you can do more than a certification. You can do your own projects in Google Analytics and these projects will show your skills and knowledge to the recruiters and help you get selected in the job interviews. That is why, we made it mandatory to do your own projects as the final assessment of our training. This is one of the many benefits of joining the best Google Analytics training in chennai Also when you are studying at the best Google Analytics training institute in chennai, you don’t have to worry about getting a job in Google Analytics domain. As soon as you complete our Google Analytics training, we will help you get a job before even applying for the certification. Studying at the best Google Analytics training institute in chennai will have its benefits regarding the job or the certification.

After completing the best Google Analytics training inChennai you will have numerous career options available to you from all over the world. Some of the job opportunities that you can select to apply, are listed below:

  • Google Analytics Executive
  • Google Analytics Technical Consultants
  • Digital Marketing Specialist with Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Freelancer

Apart from the jobs above, some other career options are also available to you such as promotions, switching job to a new company and teaching Google Analytics at training institutes. Our placement team will ensure that all our students have started their career as soon as they complete our training, the best Google Analytics training in Chennai.

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