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If you are searching for the best Hadoop Administrator training in Bangalore then you have come to the right place, Upshot technologies in BTM, Bangalore. Because, we are the Best training centre in providing Hadoop Administrator training in Bangalore.

About Hadoop Administrator:

  • Hadoop is an open source framework used to store, process and analyse Big Data.
  • Hadoop was created by Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella in 2011 and released in 2012.
  • It was a part of Apache project by Apache Software Foundation (ASF).
  • It uses distributed and parallel computing to perform all its tasks successfully.
  • Hadoop Admin is responsible for the implementation of Enterprise Hadoop environment.
  • The admin will work closely with infrastructure, network, database and application teams to ensure business applications are highly available and performing within agreed levels.
  • They are also accountable for storage, performance and volume management of Hadoop clusters and MapReduce routines and for security and maintenance.

Upshot Technologies is the one of the leading institutes in Bangalore in providing Hadoop admin training. We are successfully providing the best training due to our huge pool of experts and their dedication. Some of the advantages of joining the best training for Hadoop Admin are given below:


– Meticulously crafted to satisfy the expectations of the industry.

– Comprehensive with the basics of Big Data, Data analytics and applications.

– Prepared by a group of experts who also frame a course plan for training.

– Equally emphasis on conceptual understanding and practical knowledge.

– Includes many small real-time projects to be done by the students.


– Experts with superior skills and in-depth knowledge of Hadoop and its working.

– Have immense understanding of Hadoop and are committers in ASF for Hadoop.

– Compassionate and dedicated professionals with good communication skills.

– Provides feedbacks and counselling to our students whenever required.


– State-of-the-art computer systems with Hadoop in half the systems.

– At the end of the course, our students will install Hadoop in the remaining systems.

– Projectors and video-conferencing kits for live demo and guest lectures, respectively.

– Always manned labs to support the students while practicing.

– Free Wi-fi connectivity to help our students learn from internet.

Placement care

– 100% placement guarantee if and only if you had successfully the training.

– A dedicated cell to get all the successful students placed as early as possible.

– Provide a lot of study materials for technical interview.

– Conduct mock tests and interviews to increase the chances of our students.

There are also other advantages in choosing the Best training for Hadoop Admin such as

  • Different batch timings to accommodate students, freshers and professionals.
  • Affordable fees structure for all the persons with discounts for the underprivileged.
  • Access to an online library containing all the information about Hadoop Administration.
  • 1-to-1 training and Corporate training can be arranged if requested earlier.

Hadoop Admin Syllabus

  1. The Case for Apache Hadoop
  • Brief History of Hadoop
  • Core Hadoop Components
  • Fundamental Concepts
  1. Hadoop Distributed File System
  • HDFS Features
  • HDFS Design Assumptions
  • Overview of HDFS Architecture
  • Writing and Reading Files
  • Name Node Considerations
  • An Overview of HDFS Security
  • Real time training
  1. MapReduce
  • What Is MapReduce?
  • Features of MapReduce
  • Basic MapReduce Concepts
  • Architectural Overview
  • MapReduce Version 2
  • Failure Recovery
  • Real time training
  1. Overview of the Hadoop Ecosystem
  • What is the Hadoop Ecosystem?
  • Integration Tools
  • Analysis Tools
  • Data Storage and Retrieval Tools
  1. Planning your Hadoop Cluster
  • General planning Considerations
  • Choosing the Right Hardware
  • Network Considerations
  • Configuring Nodes
  1. Hadoop Installation
  • Deployment Types
  • Installing Hadoop
  • Using Hadoop Manager for Easy Installation
  • Basic Configuration Parameters
  • Real time training
  1. Advanced Configuration
  • Advanced Parameters
  • Configuring Rack Awareness
  • Configuring Federation
  • Configuring High Availability
  • Using Configuration Management Tools
  1. Hadoop Security
  • Why Hadoop Security Is Important
  • Hadoop’s Security System Concepts
  • What Kerberos Is and How it Works
  • Configuring Kerberos Security
  • Integrating a Secure Cluster with Other Systems
  1. Managing and Scheduling Jobs
  • Managing Running Jobs
  • Real time training
  • FIFO Scheduler
  • FairScheduler
  • Configuring the FairScheduler
  • Real time training
  1. Cluster Maintenance
  • Checking HDFS Status
  • Real time training
  • Copying Data Between Clusters
  • Adding and Removing Cluster Nodes
  • Rebalancing the Cluster
  • Real time training
  • NameNode Metadata Backup
  • Cluster Upgrading
  1. Cluster Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • General System Monitoring
  • Managing Hadoop’s Log Files
  • Using the NameNode and JobTracker Web UIs
  • Real time training
  • Cluster Monitoring with Ganglia
  • Common Troubleshooting Issues
  • Benchmarking Your Cluster
  1. Populating HDFS From External Sources
  • An Overview of Flume
  • Real time training
  • An Overview of Sqoop
  • Best Practices for Importing Data
  1. Installing and Managing Other Hadoop Projects
  • Hive
  • Pig
  • HBase
  1. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • HDFS Design
  • HDFS Daemons
  • HDFS Federation
  • Securing HDFS (Kerberos)

•           File Read and Write Paths

Hadoop is an open source framework developed by a non-profit corporation (ASF). So, it has no official certification available but there are some other private Certifications available right now which are accepted in a lot of companies. For example, HDP Certified Administrator (HDPCA) Certification by Hortonworks. Our Hadoop Admin training covers the basics of Hadoop Administration and you can easily clear any certification exam related to Hadoop Administration with the study materials and the guidance from our placement cell. But you won’t need these certifications to start your career as Hadoop Admin because you would be placed as soon as you had successfully completed our Hadoop Administrator training.

After the completion of our Hadoop Administrator training, you will have numerous job opportunities from all over the world. Some of the designations you will be recruited for, are listed below:

  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Big Data Administrator – Hadoop
  • Big Data Platform Manager
  • Technical consultant – Hadoop

Apart from these, there are other career options such as promotions, switching job to a MNC and even teaching Hadoop Administration at institutes or online platforms. You can also start a freelance job of providing Hadoop Installation and maintenance services in your local region.


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