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If you want to join the Best Java training institute in Chennai, then without wasting a second join Upshot Technologies in Chennai Because we are the best Java training institute in Chennai  and we are providing the best Java training with highest placement ratio and higher salary package for all the students who got placed.

About Java:
  A general-purpose programming language designed by James Gosling in 1995.
  Designed to have very few implementation dependencies and because of that, it is now universally used.
  It is arguably the most used programming language today with more than 10 million developers working on it.
  Concurrent, class-based and Object-oriented programming language with much of its syntax from C and C++.
  Let programmers to develop “Write Once, Run Anywhere” (WORA) applications which can run on any Java supported systems without being recompiled.
  Freely available under GNU General Public License and the commercial support is provided by Oracle Corporation.
  Influenced many languages like JavaScript, C#, Python and PHP.

Upshot Technologies, Bangalore is the No. 1 training institute in Java training and has been providing the best Java training in Bangalore with huge success. There are six different Java courses available with each one focusing on a specific technology used in Java. They are listed below:

  Core Java Training
  Hibernate Training
  J2EE Training
  Spring Training
  Struts Training

Some of the unique features of our training that earned the name best Java training institute in Chennai for us are given below:

  Designed to master our students in Java and the specific technology used in Java.
   Extensive by including all the concepts used in Java and the tool/technology that the course is focusing on.
  Prepared by a team of experts who specializes in Java and the respective technology.
   Updated frequently to keep our students up-to-date.
   Includes developing small-scale projects in Java for practice.

   Experts with vast experience and superior skillset in Java and the tool/technology considered.
  Have conceptual understanding and practical knowledge of the respective tools or technologies.
   Dedicated teachers with passion for Java and teaching.
  Take special steps to clear the doubts of our students as early as possible.
   Provide technical guidance to the students who are eager to learn more.

  Advanced computer with upgraded hardware and latest version of Java and the tools required to train our students.
  Projector-friendly smart classrooms to show live demos and example programs.
   Video-conferencing enabled rooms to conduct seminars on latest developments and practices in Java domain.
   Fully air-conditioned lab with assistants to help our students practice.
   Free and unlimited internet to help our students learn more about Java.

   100% job guarantee for all the students who complete our training with flying colors.
   Special team working tirelessly to make sure that all our students are placed.
  Tips and tricks on preparing a resume which will impress the selectors.
   Study materials and sample questions for technical interview rounds.
   Numerous mock tests and Interviews to make our students prepared.

Other special features of our Best Java training course in Chennai are

  Many batch timings suitable for college students, freshers and IT professionals.
  Reasonable fees structure with easy instalments for the underprivileged.
  First quality study materials that are developed by our experts based on syllabus.
  Corporate training and special 1-to-1 training can be arranged if requested.

J2EE Course Syllabus

  Servlets Overview
  Servlet Lifecycle
  Types of Servlets
  Servlet to Database Connectivity
  Types of Cookies
  Introduction to JSP
  Life Cycle of JSP
  Types of JSP Tags
  Custom Tags

Oracle Corporation offers a variety of certifications related to Java. They are classified below based on the Java Edition and the level of expertise. They are designed for a specific job profile like Programmer or Architect. The list of Java certifications by Oracle Corporation is given below:

  Java Foundations Certified Junior Associate
  Oracle Certified Associate (Java 5, 6, 7, 8) – Programmer
  Oracle Certified Professional (Java 6, 7, 8) – Programmer
  Oracle Certified Expert (Java 6) – Developer
  Oracle Certified Master (Java 6) – Developer/Architect
  Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer
  Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 JavaServer Faces Developer
  Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer
  Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Services Developer
  Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect

In addition to that, there are official certifications available for Hibernate and Spring training namely Red Hat Certified Specialist in Persistence Certification by Red Hat, Inc. and Spring Professional Certification by Pivotal Software, Inc. respectively. With our training and the guidance from our experts, you can get these certifications as soon as you complete our training. Our experts will guide you through the whole process and help you get your certification from the respective companies. However, you will not require these certifications to get a job in Java domain because you are studying the best Java training in Chennai and we will get you placed as soon as you complete the best Java training provided by us. This is one of the perks for studying at the best training institute in Chennai.

After completing the best Java training in Chennai, you will have numerous job opportunities from all over the world. You can apply for jobs in any country with the certifications that we help you to get. Some of the job positions you can apply for, are listed below:

  Core Java Developer
  Java J2EE Developer
  Software Development Engineer – Java, Spring, Hibernate
  Tech Lead – Java, Hibernate
  Java with Struts Developer

There are career options also such as promotions or switching to a high-paying job in other companies. You can even start teaching Java at schools, college or training institutes. We can help you setup your own business doing on-demand projects in Java if you request. You can also do freelancer or consultant jobs with the experience you got from our training. Placement support is one of the strong points of our best Java training at Upshot technologies in Chennai.

Best IT training institute in Chennai with Placement

“You don’t have to believe our words that name Upshot technologies as the Best IT training institute in Chennai but you have to believe the words of our students which are spoken from the experience they had from our training.


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