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If you wish to join the best LoadRunner training in Chennai then you should enrol yourself at Upshot Technologies in Chennai. Because we are the ones providing the best LoadRunner training in Chennai and with our hard work and dedication, students have given us the title “best LoadRunner training institute in Chennai”.

About LoadRunner:

  • A software testing tool developed by Mercury Interactive which was acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in 2006. In 2017, HPE sold its software division along with LoadRunner to Micro Focus International.
  • Used to test applications, measure system behavior and evaluate performance under load.
  • Simulates the activities of thousands of users using HTTP requests between the applications or between system and app to test their performance.
  • The simulation will be recorded for analyzing the performance of key components of the system or the software later.
  • One of the best performance testing tools and supports many programming languages such as C, Java and .NET to write scripts.
  • Scripts from other testing tools like Selenium and Apache JMeter can also be used, just after declaring an interface library.

Upshot Technologies is one of the leading training institutes in Chennai and has been providing the best LoadRunner training in Chennai with expert faculties and sophisticated facilities. With the hard work of our faculties and efficient use of our facilities, we have demonstrated that we are the best LoadRunner training institute in Chennai . Some of the special features of our LoadRunner training are given below:


Designed to mould our students in to LoadRunner experts that the industry expects.

Elaborate and includes all the technologies used by LoadRunner.

Crafted by a team of experts after analysing the problems faced by the recruiters.

Upgraded after every release of LoadRunner to help our students stay up-to-date.

Includes performing real-time testing in LoadRunner for practice.


Experts with more than 10 years of work experience in LoadRunner.

Have conceptual understanding of the technologies used by LoadRunner.

Ardent teachers with a zeal to educate the students.

Special doubt clarification sessions to help our students understand better.

Offer counselling and feedback to the students who need them.


Up-to-date systems with LoadRunner being installed in all of them.

Smart classrooms to make use of the latest technologies for the betterment of students.

Video-conferencing enabled rooms to provide guest lectures on LoadRunner.

Sophisticated lab with lab assistants to help our students practice.

Free and unlimited internet connection to encourage the interested students in our LoadRunner training.


Job assurance for all the students who had completed our LoadRunner training successfully.

Dedicated team of professionals to ensure that our LoadRunner training maintains the 100% placement record.

Guidance for Resume preparation and Video resume production.

Help with study materials to prepare for the technical interviews.

Mock tests and interviews to boost the confidence of our students.

Some other features of the Best LoadRunner training course in Chennai are given below:

  • Various batch timings suitable for all the students irrespective of their employment status.
  • Inexpensive fees with the benefit of receiving services worth more than your fees.
  • Top-quality study materials that are easy to understand than materials available anywhere.
  • Access to our huge repository of information related to LoadRunner.

Corporate training and 1-to-1 training can be arranged if requested.

LoadRunner Training Syllabus

LoadRunner Installation

  • LoadRunner architecture
  • Where to install LoadRunner components
  • Identify hardware and software needed for installation
  • Installing Loadrunner samples.


Introduction to VUSER Concept

  • Definition of Vuser
  • Why VUGEN is Used
  • Features of VUGEN

Streamlining Recording

  • Settings to be done before recording
  • Modes of recording
  • Choosing the right protocol
  • Types of protocol loadrunner supports
  • Single and Multiple protocols
  • When and how to use more than one Action
  • Deleting Action

First touch to VUGEN

  • Starting VUGEN
  • Understanding VUGEN Environment Options
  • Choosing the right protocol

Recording Script using VUGEN

  • VUSER Script sections (Init, Action and end)
  • Creating New Virtual VUSER script
  • Adding and removing protocols
  • Choosing New Virtual user category
  • Begin Recording on your application
  • Ending and Saving a recording session
  • Running the Created Script

Introduction to Output window in VUGEN

  • Replay Log
  • Recording Log
  • Generation Log
  • Correlation Results

Understanding the VUSER script

  • Viewing and modifying VUSER scripts
  • Understanding the functions generated in the code
  • Getting Help on functions
  • Workflow Wizard
  • Walkthrough on few Loadrunner functions
  • Recap of Steps for creating Vuser Scripts

Actions in depth

  • When and how to use more than one Action
  • Deleting Actions
  • Rename actions
  • Import Action into Vuser

Introduction to VUGEN parameters

  • Definition of parameter
  • Why parameterization is required
  • Parameters Limitations
  • Creating Parameters
  • Types of parameters
  • Using Existing Parameters
  • Using Parameter List
  • Parameterization options

File and table type parameters

  • Creating data files
  • Properties of file type parameters
  • properties of table type parameters

Setting Parameters properties

  • Introduction to setting parameter properties
  • Setting properties for internal data parameter types
  • Setting properties for user defined functions
  • Choosing parameter formats

Data Assignment methods

  • Sequential
  • Random
  • Unique

Data Update Modes

  • Each Occurrence
  • Each Iteration
  • Once

Configuring Run time settings

  • About Run time settings
  • Configuring run time settings
  • Pacing run time settings
  • Configuring Log run time settings
  • Configuring Think time settings


  • Introduction to correlations
  • Auto Correlation
  • Wdiff Utility
  • Manual Correlation

Introduction to Transactions

  • What are transactions
  • Why we need transactions
  • How to insert transactions in the script

Introduction to content check

  • Why we need Content checks
  • How to use the inbuilt content checks
  • How to build your own content checks


Introduction to controller

  • Opening controller
  • Why we need controller
  • Significance of controller
  • Features on controller

Loadrunner Testing Process

  • Planning the test
  • Creating Vuser Script
  • Creating the scenario
  • Running the scenario
  • Monitoring the scenario
  • Analyzing the scenario

Designing a scenario

  • Creating a scenario
  • Run scenario with sample Vuser load

Scenario types

  • Manual Scenario
  • Goal Oriented scenario

Introduction to Load generators

  • What is load generator
  • Why we need load generators

Kinds of Scheduling Scenarios

  • Schedule by scenario
  • Schedule by group

Scheduling scenarios

  • About Scheduling scenarios
  • Delaying the start of scenarios
  • Scheduling a scenario
  • Scheduling Vuser groups
  • Adding Vuser to Scheduled scenarios

Creating and running a manual scenario

  • Creating Vuser groups
  • Configuring Vusers in Vuser group.
  • Configuring Vuser run time settings
  • Configuring scripts
  • Setting time out intervals
  • Configuring Scenario run time settings
  • Setting the run time file location
  • Specifying results location
  • Collating results

Running scenarios and controlling Vusers

  • Running entire scenario
  • Controlling Vuser groups
  • Controlling individual Vusers
  • Manually adding Vuser to running scenario
  • Manually adding Vuser to Rendezvous

Viewing Vusers during executions

  • About viewing vusers during executions
  • Monitoring Vuser status
  • Viewing the output window
  • Viewing Vuser script log
  • Logging execution notes

Creating Goal Oriented scenario

  • About Planning goal oriented scenario
  • Understanding goal oriented scenario design tab
  • Defining scenario goals
  • Assigning properties to scripts
  • Configuring scripts

Monitoring and Analysis

Online Monitoring

  • About Online Monitoring
  • Setting up the Monitoring environment
  • Monitor types
  • Choosing Monitors and measurements in the controller
  • Starting the monitors in the controller
  • Opening online monitor graphs in the controller
  • Setting monitor options

Hewlett Packard Enterprises was offering two certifications for Loadrunner which are listed below.

  • HPE Accredited Technical Professional (HP ATP) – LoadRunner v12
  • HPE Accredited Solutions Expert (HP ASE) – LoadRunner v12.

But when it sold its software business to Micro Focus, full control of LoadRunner came to Micro Focus. And Micro Focus has put the certifications into hold till it decides the syllabus and other details needed to provide an official certification on LoadRunner. We are closely watching Micro Focus and as soon as it brings the certifications back, we will inform you and guide you to get those certifications. The knowledge you had learned from our training and the study materials you received from us will be enough to clear the certification exams, hopefully. If they are not enough, we will provide additional study materials. However, these certifications are not mandatory to start your career in LoadRunner domain when you are studying at the best LoadRunner training institute in Chennai. We will help you start your career without any certification as soon as you complete our LoadRunner training. All you need to do is complete our training successfully. Completing the best LoadRunner training in Chennai will always get you a job even if there is no official certification available.

After the completion of your LoadRunner training at the best training institute in Chennai, you will have numerous job opportunities from all over the world. Some of the job positions for which you can apply, are listed below:

  • Senior Test Engineer – LoadRunner
  • Performance Testing Engineer with LoadRunner
  • Software Tester – LoadRunner
  • Performance Test Engineers

Apart from these, there are some other career options also available such as promotion, switching job to other companies and teaching LoadRunner at institutes or online platforms. Unmatched placement support is one of the strong points of our training which is the best LoadRunner training in Chennai

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