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MS Dynamics CRM


Now a days maintaing customer realtions and their data is so difficult. Most of the companies uses CRM application to manage relationship with customer and their data throughtout the customer life cycle. The main motive of the MS Dynamics CRM is improving business relationship with customer and make raise in sales growth of the company

MS CRM Version Training Course Duration Skill Level
MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 -2016 Functional Training 15 Customization and Configuration
MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 -2016 Technical Training 15 Application, Configuration and Customization



About Course

What is this course about?

This course document gives you an idea about what is MS Dynamics CRM, Why we go for MS CRM. This Application is used by most of the customers in the world and now the marketing value is high and much cheaper then when comparing to other CRM Application. Once you start the course you will be provided with MS Dynamics CRM online version 30 days for free use.

What are the course objectives?

At end of this training, you will be able to,

  • Interact with the customer to get requirements.
  • Converting the user problem and requirements into solution.
  • Configuring the MS CRM based on the customer specification.
  • Integrating other application with MS Dynamics CRM.

Who should do this course?

Oracle Performance Tuning Training will be suitable for,

  • Anybody can learn MS Dynamics CRM

Prerequisite: Knowledge in OOPS concept for Technical Side of the CRM



Course Syllabus

S.no Topic
1. Introduction about MS Dynamics CRM
2. MS CRM Histroy
3. Why MS Dynamics CRM
4. Features of MS Dynamics CRM
5. MS CRM Version Difference
6. What is Solution
7. What is Entity and how to create entity
8. Datatypes in MS CRM
9. How to design Business Rule
10. What is calculated field
11. What is Roll Up field
12. Types of Web Resources
13. Relationship and Behaviour
14. Salesforce Automation Process
15. What is Security Role
16. How to create Security Role
17. What is Organization
18. What is Business Unit
19. Adding Users in MS CRM and Assigning Role to them
20. Service Module Process
21. Data Import and Export
22. How to use Duplicate Detection
23. What is Auditing
24. What is Process and it’s types
25. How to Ribbon Workbench
26. What is Site Map and how to design
27. How to create Reports
28. How to use Javascript
29. What is plugin
30. How to write plugin and register with MS CRM
31. What is Email router and Configuration
32. How to integrate MS CRM with Outlook
33. How to integrate MS CRM with SharePoint
34. How to integrate MS CRM with C# Asp.Net
35. Tools using for MS Dynamics CRM
36. SLA and Contracts
37. Articles




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