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Among the Python training institutes in Chennai,Upshot Technologies is the only one providing the best Python training because we, Upshot technologies, only know the secret of training the students successfully in Python. You can see the success of our training at our 100% placement record and the reputation for our training among the students and the recruiters in Python domain.

About Python:

  Python is apopular high-level programming language created by Guido van Rossum in 1991.
  The first version (Version 1.0) was released on February 1991 and the latest version (Version 3.6.5) was released on March 2018.
The two important features – code readability and simpler syntax, makes it one of the widely used languages for general purpose programming.
  Code readability means using white space in place of braces and the simpler syntax made it possible to write fewer lines of code than all other programming languages.
  It is an open source software and can be used on multiple platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  It is used in various domains such as web applications, internet scripting, database, and gaming.
There are many implementations available such as CPython, JPython, IronPython etc.

Upshot Technologies is one of the leading training institutes in Chennai regarding Python training and it is also one of the successful Python training institutes in Chennai. Though Python is free and simple, people prefer to learn Python from our training because we, Upshot technologies, are providing the Python training at a nominal price and teaching Python simpler, faster and clearer. Some of the unique qualities of our Python training are given below:

  Our syllabus is designed to infuse the skills and knowledge expected from the students by the recruiters.
  It is extensive with all the concepts in Python and the basics of various implementations of Python.
  It is updated after every release of Python to keep our students stay up-to-date and competitive.

  We have experts with a decade-long career in Python domain as trainers and they have very good knowledge of Python and the domains which use Python.
  They also have required skills of a teacher such as communication skills and soft skills.

  Our computer systems in the lab are up-to-date and have the latest version of Python installed on all systems.
  We also have all the popular Python implementations and a few IDEs of Python installed in our lab.
  We have projector-friendly classrooms and video-conferencing enabled lecture halls to provide a better training to our students.

  We have an impeccable placement program which helps us to achieve the 100% placement record in all our batches.
  The program consists of two parts – placement training which prepares the students to get a job and the placement activities which helps the students to get a job.

Some other special qualities of our training include various timings to accommodate all the students, irrespective of their availability, lowest fees structure in Chennai to help as many students as possible, top-quality study materials at no additional costs, and lifelong access to the online resources of Upshot technologies containing information about Python.

Python Training Course Syllabus

Session 1: Introduction
  Why do we need Python?
  Program structure

Execution steps

  Interactive Shell
  Executable or script files
  User Interface or IDE

Session 2: Memory management and Garbage collections
  Object creation and deletion
  Object properties

Data Types and Operations

Other Core Types

Session 3: Statements and Syntax
  Assignments, Expressions and prints
  If tests and Syntax Rules
  While and For Loops
  Iterations and Comprehensions

Session 4: File Operations
  Opening a file
  Using Files
  Other File tools

Session 5: Functions
  Function definition and call
  Function Scope
  Function Objects

Anonymous Functions

Session 6: Modules and Packages
  Module Creations and Usage
  Module Search Path
  Module Vs. Script
Package Creation and Importing

Session 7: Classes
  Classes and instances
  Classes method calls
  Inheritance and Compositions
  Static and Class Methods
  Bound and Unbound Methods
  Operator Overloading


Session 8: Exception Handling
  Default Exception Handler
  Catching Exceptions
  Raise an exception
  User defined exception

Session 9: Advanced Concepts
  Defining Panda
  Pandas – Creating and Manipulating Data
  How to Create Data Frames?
  Importance of Grouping and Sorting
  Plotting Data

Session 10: Django

  Django overview
  Creating a project
  Apps life cycle
  Admin interface
  Creating views
  URL Mapping
  Template system
  Form details
  Page redirection
  Sending Emails
  Deploying Django framework
  Generic views
  Form processing
  File uploading
  Cookie handling
  Sessions,caching and comments

Though there is no official certification available for Python right now, Python Software Foundation (PSF) is planning to introduce certifications. And this certification will apply globally and become an important qualification for Python related jobs. The names of proposed certifications (based on the level of expertise) are given below:

  Python Certified
  Python Certified Professional
  Python Certified Expert

As soon as these certifications are announced, we will start guiding our students to get these certifications. But right now, there are no official certifications available for Python. Since you are studying at the best Python training institute in Chennai, you don’t have to worry certification to get a job in Python domain. We will help you get a job in Python domain as soon as you complete our training. So, all you need to do is complete our training with flying colours and follow our placement team’s guidance. This is one of the many benefits of learning Python from the best training institute in Chennai.

After completing our Python training, you will have abundant career opportunities in Python domain and you can also get any Python related job on your own. Some of the Job positions to which you can apply, are listed below:

  Python Developer
  Software Engineer – Python
  Data Scientist – Python
  Backend Developer – Python

Apart from those, there are also other career options available to you such as promotions, switching job to a new company and teaching Python at educational or training institutes. You can also start doing freelancing by taking on-demand projects on Python. Our placement team will help you in anyway possible to have a great career in Python and that is one of the reasons for us being the best Python training institute in Chennai.

  Best IT training institute in Chennai with Placement

“You don’t have to believe our words that name Upshot technologies as the Best IT training institute in Chennai but you have to believe the words of our students which are spoken from the experience they had from our training.


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