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If you wish to enrol at the best Ruby on Rails training institute in Chennai, then you have come to the right place Upshot Technologies in Chennai. Because we are the ones providing the best Ruby on Rails training in Chennai. With our superior quality of training and the highest possible placement percentage, we have earned the title “best Ruby on Rails training in Chennai” among the employees and the employers.

About Ruby on Rails:

  • Called as Rails, it is a web-application framework written in Ruby to provide structures to database, web service and webpages.
  • First version (Rails 1) was released on July 2004 and the latest version (Ruby 5.1.4) was released on September 2017.
  • Released under MIT License with options to download the source code and redistribute the code as long as they provide copyright to the original publishers.
  • Emphasizes the use of software engineering patterns such as convention over configuration (CoC) and don’t repeat yourself (DRY).
  • Uses Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework to organize application programming.
  • Has various packages such as ActiveRecord (a system for database access), Active Resource (to provide web services), Action Pack, Active Support and Action Mailer.
  • Facilitates the use of standards like JSON or XML for transfer of data, and HTML, CSS and JavaScript for display and user interface.

Upshot Technologies is one of the premier training institutes in Chennai  and has been successfully producing 1000+ Ruby on Rails or Rails professionals every year with the best Ruby on Rails training in Chennai . With the dedication of our trainers and the students and the hard work of our placement team, we have earned the name best Ruby on Rails training institute in Chennai among software engineers and recruiters. Some of the best qualities of our Ruby on Rails training are given below:


Crafted by the experts after scrutinizing the requirements and expectations of the industry in Ruby on Rails domain.

Extensive with all the concepts and the technologies used in Ruby on Rails.

Prepared to infuse the skills and knowledge required for a successful Ruby on Rails professional.

Updated after every release of Ruby on Rails to keep our students afloat on the sea of Ruby on Rails professionals.

Includes building simple modern web applications using Rails for practice.


Experts with a decade-long career in Ruby on Rails software.

Have conceptual understanding of the technologies used in Ruby on Rails.

Voluntary contributors for Ruby on Rails and passionate teachers.

Takes special doubt clarification sessions whenever they feel required or whenever the students request.

Provide counselling or technical guidance, whichever is needed for the students.


State-to-the-art lab with the latest version of Rails installed in all the systems.

Projectors are attached to the classrooms to show live demos of Ruby on Rails.

Additional study halls and practice lab are setup to help our students.

Sophisticated and modern lab with staffs to support the students while practicing.

Free and unlimited internet connectivity to help our students be up-to-date.


Guaranteed jobs for all the students who complete our Rails training successfully.

Professional placement cell to get all our students placed at the earliest.

Guidance to prepare resumes and video resumes.

Offer a lot of study materials on Rails for the interview preparation.

Mock tests to make our students confident and unafraid.

Some other specialities of the Best Ruby on Rails training course in Chennai  are:

  • Various batch timings with at least one timing suited for all the students, irrespective of their employment status.
  • Affordable fees structure with instalment options for the benefit of all the students.
  • Quality study materials which are also easier to understand and complement the training.
  • Lifelong access to an online repository containing information about Ruby on Rails.
  • Corporate training and 1-to-1 training can be arranged if requested.

Ruby on Rails Syllabus


  • What is Ruby
  • Why ruby
  • General purpose of ruby
  • Brief History of Ruby
  • Where does ruby get its ideas
  • Ruby Installation with RVM
  • Creating a basic script in ruby
  • Sample demo of ruby program

RVM(ruby version manager)

  • Rvm installation
  • Rvm commands
  • Rvm Usage

Working in Linux(Ubuntu) Platform

  • Basic Linux commands
  • File/Directory Permissions
  • Changing access rights
  • Text Editors used for ROR

Ruby Operators & Ruby Shell

  • IRB – Ruby Shell
  • Working with Ruby operators and expressions
  • Numeric Methods
  • Rand and Ranges
  • Strings, Escaping, Interpolation
  • String methods
  • Dates and Times

Ruby Datatypes & Variables

  • Ruby Datatypes
  • Numbers, Boolean, Strings, Arrays, Hashes, Symbols.
  • Types of Variables(Global, Instance, Class, Local, Constant, Pseudo)
  • Difference between local & instance variables
  • Parallel Assignment
  • Variable conditions

Ruby methods and modules

  • Basic ruby methods
  • Return values from methods, return statements
  • Class methods
  • Different ways to call methods
  • Ruby modules and Mixins
  • Ruby require and include statement
  • Diffence between class and module

OOP in Ruby

  • OOP
  • Class
  • The initialize method
  • The accessor & setter method
  • Access Control
  • Class Inheritance
  • Method Overriding
  • Operator Overloading
  • Singleton methods
  • Metaclass
  • Defining Attributes
  • Variable types in Ruby
  • Super
  • Regular Expressions
  • Exceptions

Basic loops and iterators

  • Conditional operators
  • Case Statement


Rails Installation and Ruby gems

  • What is Rails
  • Full tack Framework
  • Rails Strength
  • COC(convention over configuration)
  • Rails Intallation
  • Ruby and Rails installation on linux
  • Ruby Gems
  • Working with RubyGems
  • Gem commands
  • Framework Technology
  • MVC
  • Rails Components
  • How does Rails works in MVC


  • Mysql Introduction
  • Installation
  • Start/Stop mysql
  • Basic Mysql operators
  • Creating user and database in mysql


  • Creating a Sample Application with Rails
  • Rails Installation
  • Folder Structure
  • Setup the application
  • Rake

RAILS Model, Controller and Views


  • What is controller?
  • Architecture Diagram for Controller
  • Creating a Controller
  • Methods and Actions
  • Parameters(params)
  • Controller Default methods
  • Scaffolding
  • Routing
  • Restful Resources
  • CRUD Verbs and Actions
  • Filters(Before,After,Around)


  • What is model
  • Active record Basics
  • Destroy a model
  • Migrations
  • Modify, update a model
  • Dropping a database
  • Association, Validation and callbacks
  • Why Association
  • Without and wtih Association
  • Types of Association
  • Active Record validations
  • Callbacks & types of callbacks


  • Embedded ruby
  • Working in HAML
  • Working with Ajax, Jquery in Rails framework



Since Ruby on Rails is an open source tool and maintained by a community of individual developers, there is no official certification available for Ruby on Rails. However, you can still prove the skills and knowledge you got from our training with the self-developed web applications on Ruby on Rails. We have made it mandatory to pass the final assessment to clear our training. This web application and the practical experience will speak for you and help a lot in your selection at recruitment drives. Since you had joined and studied at the best Ruby on Rails training institute in Chennai, you can easily get a job in Ruby on Rails domain without any certification. All you need to do is complete our Ruby on Rails training which is the best Ruby on Rails training in Chennai. As soon as you complete our training, you will be placed with the help of our dedicated placement team. Studying at the best Ruby on Rails training institute in Chennai can assure your job even if there is no official certification available for Ruby on Rails.

After completing the best Ruby on Rails training, you will have numerous career opportunities in Rails domain available everywhere in the world. Some of the Job positions to which you can apply or get promoted to, are listed below:

  • Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Senior/Lead Developer for Ruby on Rails
  • Software Engineer – Ruby on Rails
  • Backend Developer – Ruby on Rails

Other career options available to you are switching job to other companies and teaching Ruby on Rails at institutes. You can also start freelancing or a local business to develop web applications on-demand. We will help you in whatever the career path you choose because helping our students to have a good career is one of the main objectives of our institute, the best Ruby on Rails training institute in Chennai

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