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All those who looking for the best Selenium training institution Chennai should come to Upshot technologies because Upshot technologies is the place you are looking for. We, Upshot technologies, have the most successful Selenium training course with 100% placement in all the batches till now and also admission in all the batches till now stands at 100% (i.e.) full packed batches.

About Selenium:

  Selenium is a software testing framework to test web applications and it was developed by Jason Huggins at ThoughtWorks.
  It is an open source application under Apache License 2.0. It is also cross-platform and can be deployed on Windows, macOS and Linux platforms.
  It uses Record and Playback feature to design tests without any program coding and this feature is pretty useful to non-technical users. However, it also has its own scripting language (Selenese) to design tests.
  Users can also use other languages like C#, Python, Java, Ruby, and Perl to design tests.
  Though it was intended to test web applications, nowadays it is also used to test smartphone applications.
  Selenium WebDriver or Selenium 2.0, the successor to Selenium server (RC), is becoming an Internet standard in collaboration with W3C.

Upshot Technologies is providing the best Selenium course in Chennai and it is also highly successful based on the statistics of placements in the previous batches. The quality of the training and the satisfaction of the students are the two most important goals of Upshot technologies and the special features responsible for achieving those goals are given below:.

  Our syllabus is crafted by a team of experts based on the requirements and expectations of the recruiters in the industry.
  It is an all-inclusive one which includes the concepts in Software testing, Selenium, and Automation.
  It is also frequently updated to include all the recent advancements in Selenium..

  We have experienced and accomplished trainers who are also experts in Selenium.
  They also have ten-plus years of work experience in Selenium and software testing and they are most likely to be up-to-date in Selenium domain.
  They are also compassionate teachers with excellent communication skills and people skills.

  Our computer lab has advanced and modern computer systems with Selenium (IDE and 2.0) installed in all of them.
  We also have smart classrooms with an internet connection to provide live demos and online lectures for our students.
  We also have an elaborate online setup including blogs, mail groups, and video channels to share useful information with our students.

  Our placement team is one of the most dedicated and hardworking people that you will ever see and they will ensure that all our students are placed as soon as the training is over.
  We provide the most comprehensive placement training which will ensure that our students will get a job regardless of the when and where they are participating in the recruitment drives.

There are also other benefits in joining our Selenium training such as flexible batch timings suitable for people from all walks of life, inexpensive fees structure for a quality training, completely free but top-quality in-house developed study materials and first class technical support throughout the course to practice Selenium at home and personal laptops.

Selenium Web Driver 3.0 Training Course Syllabus

SECTION : 1 – Introduction to Automation
Topics :
  What is Automation testing?
  Drawbacks of Manual Testing
  Advantage and disadvantage of Automation testing
  What test cases can be automated?
  What test cases cannot be automated?
  Things to be done before automation testing
  Types of Automation Tools

SECTION : 2 – Different Components of Selenium
Topics :
  Selenium IDE
  Selenium WebDriver

SECTION : 3 – Selenium IDE Introduction:
Topics :
  Introduction to Selenium IDE
  Installing Selenium IDE
  Selenium IDE icons
  Create and Execute Basic Scripts o Recording Tests
  Running a Test
  Selenium Concepts
  Element Locators
  Selenium Commands Actions
  Pattern Matches
  Element Locators
  Locating elements by ID
  Locating elements by name
  Locating elements by link text
  Locating elements by XPath
  Locating Elements by using CSS
  Useful Selenium Tools
  Firebug for Firefox & Chrome
  Firepath for xpath generation
  IE developer tool bar
  What is Test suite?
  Creating Test Suite Using Selenium IDE
  Selenium IDE Overview
  Selenium IDE General Options
  Selenium Menu Items

SECTION 4 : – Core Java
Topics :
  Introduction To Core Java
  Environment variable configuration
  What is oops?
  What is a class and object?
  What is a main method?
  Basic Example
  If –else –If
  Nested If
  Select Case
  Looping Conditions
  For – Next
  Do – loop
  While –loop
  For Each loop
  Branching statements
  Break Statement
  Return Statement
  Continue statement
  Java Built in methods
  String Methods
  Math object methods
  Date & time methods
  Oops Concepts
  This Key Word
  Super Key Word
  Polymorphism (Over Loading & Over Riding)
  Abstract Classes
  Working with regular expressions
  What is regular expression
  Where we will use
  Regular expression syntax
  Examples on regular expression
  Working with files
  Working with Files and I/O
  Working with Excel files
  Working with Property files
  Java Exceptions

SECTION 5 : – WebDriver (Selenium3.0) with Project Implementation
Topics :
  WebDriver Introduction

  What is WebDriver?
  Why WebDriver?
  Difference between WebDriver and Selenium RC
  Architecture of selenium webDriver
  Configuring WebDriver in Eclipse

  Downloading WebDriver Jars and configuring in eclipse
  WebDriver Drivers introduction
  HTML Driver
  Firefox (OR) GeckoDriver
  IE (OR) Microsoft Edge Driver
  Chrome Driver
  Working with IE Driver
  Downloading IE driver Server
  Configuring IE Driver Server
  Basic Example on IE Browser
  Working with Chrome Driver Downloading Chrome driver Server
  Configuring Chrome Driver Server
  Basic Example on Chrome Browser
  Concept of firefox profile
  What is Firefox profile
  Why we need firefox Profile
  Basic WebDriver Example
  WebDriver Concepts
  WebDriver Locators
  Locating elements by ID
  Locating elements by Class
  Locating elements by Tag
  Locating elements by Name
  Locating elements by Link Text
  Locating elements by Partial Link Text
  Locating elements by XPath
  Locating Elements by using CSS
  Working with web page elements using WebDriver
  Check Box
  Radio Button
  List Box
  Drop Down
  Selenium-WebDriver API Commands and Operations
  Driver commands like
  quit(); ..etc
  Child element commands like
  isSelected(); ….etc.
  Webdriver all other commands.
  WebDriver Advanced Concepts
  Importing webDriver documentation in eclipse
  WebDriver DesiredCapabilities Class
  Proxy settings with webdriver/Working with proxy Servers
  HTMLUnit driver and desired capabilities
  Handling Links with WebDriver
  Handling WebList
  Dynamic objects
  Extracting links and other webelements
  Capturing screenshots with WebDriver
  Window handles
  Tabbed browsing with WebDriver
  Example of Tabbed browsing
  Pop up handling in Selenium
  Example of Pop up handling
  Introducing Implicit wait and Explicit wait commands
  WebDriverWait Class

SECTION : 6 – Introducing Actions class Usage
Topics :
  Simulating the Keyboard Keypress event
  Simulating Pressing Enter Button of Keyboard
  Simulating ClickAndHold event
  Simulating MoveToElement/Mouse Over event
  Simulating Doubleclickevent ..etc
  Simulating Drag and Drop event
  Working withWebTable
  How to get row count
  How to get data from specific cell
  Dynamic WebTable Handling
  Attaching files with Selenium
  Working with Calender using Selenium
  Setting the page load timeout- WebDriver.Timeout Interface
  Handling Frames in Web Page
  Handling cookies
  Simulating front and back button click on
  Listeners- Using WebDriverEventListener
  Moving a mouse on a Object and right clicking on it
  Finding Coordinates of a Web Object
  Remote webdriver

SECTION : 7 – TestNG Framework
Topics :
  Introduction to TestNG
  Difference between Junit and TestNG
  Why TestNG
  InstallingTestNG in Eclipse
  Advantages of TestNG over Junit
  Exploring TestNG Features
  TestNG annotations
  How to Use TestNG Annotations for Selenium programming.
  TestNG Annotations Complete Usage and Limitations
  TestNG Assert commands
  Automate tests using TestNG.
  xml file for suite.
  How to create testSuite for selenium tests.
  TestNG Execution Report
  TestNG Results output folder walkthrough
  TestNG Reporting features

SECTION : 8 – AutoIT
Topics :
  Installing Auto IT
  Auto IT Overview
  Why Auto IT?
  AutoIT components
  AutoIT commands
  Auto IT Script Examples
  Compiling Auto IT scripts
  Write autoit programs in Eclipse

SECTION : 9 – Automation Framework
Topics :
  What is Automation Framework
  Advantages of automation framework
  Types of automation framework
  Modular Driven Framework
  Data Driven Framework
  Hybrid driven framework

SECTION : 10 – Modular Driven Framework
Topics :
  What is modular driven framework
  Create reusable code as methods
  Create test scripts by importing methods

SECTION : 11 – Data Driven Framework
Topics :
  What is parameterization?
  Types of parameterization
  Parameterization using Excel
  Parameterization using Property files.
  Random number parameterization

SECTION : 12 – Hybrid Driven Framework
Topics :
  What is Hybrid Driven Framework
  Hybrid Driven Framework Implementation
  Create Config files
  Create Locators
  Create libraries files
  Create application methods
  Create Global variables
  Create Test scripts using TestNG Annotations
  Create Test Suite using TestNG XML files
  Generate Reports
  Create Builds using Maven

SECTION : 13 – Selenium Grid
  What is Selenium Grid?
  Use of Selenium Grid?
  When to Use It
  Selenium-Grid 2.0
  Difference between Selenium-Grid 1.0 and Selenium and 2.0
  How Selenium-Grid Works–With a Hub and Nodes
  Starting Selenium-Grid
  Configuring Selenium-Grid
  Hub Configuration
  Node Configuration
  Getting Command-Line Help
  Common Errors
  Executing tests using Selenium- Grid

SECTION : 14 – Selenium RC Overview
Topics :
  How Selenium RC Works
  From Selenese to a Program
  Programming Your Test
  Learning the API
  Reporting Results
  Adding Some Spice to Your Tests
  Server Options
  Specifying the Path to a Specific Browser
  Selenium RC Architecture

SECTION : 15 – Maven and Jenkins
Topics :
  What is Maven
  Difference between ANT and Maven
  Why Maven
  Maven installation
  Maven run commands
  Maven dependencies
  All plugins installationsCreate builds using Maven
  Introduction to Jenkins
  How to integrate Selenium and Jenkins

SECTION : 17 – Real Time Process for Automation Testing
Topics :
  Introduction About Framework
  What is feasibility study
  Tool Selection criteria
  What is POC
  Hybrid frame work creation
  Automate Test Cases
  Name Conventions
  Local Scope Variables
  Global Scope Variables
  Constants variables
  General methods
  Object Repository Files
  Application methods
  Coding & Commenting Code
  Test Scripts Creation
  Test Suite Creation

There is no official certification for Selenium because it is an open source tool and maintained by a group of individual developers. However, you can still prove your skills to the companies and get the job without any certification. For that, you have to develop your own projects in Selenium and get them verified by Selenium experts. And that is what, you will be doing at our training because we know what is best for our students. With our training and your own Selenium projects, you don’t need any certification to get a job in Selenium domain. All you need to do is complete our selenium training successfully and follow the guidance from our placement team. This is one of the advantages of studying at the best Selenium training institute in Chennai.

After the completion of our training, you will be capable of applying for numerous job opportunities from all over the world and you can get selected easily. Some of the job positions for which you can apply, are listed below:

  Selenium Automation Engineer
  Consultant – Selenium Automation
  Selenium Test Engineer
  Quality Analyst – Selenium Automation

Apart from those, there are also other career options available to you such as promotions, switching job to a new company and teaching Selenium at training institutes or online platforms. You can even start doing freelancing by testing web applications on-demand. Our placement team will help you start your career in Selenium domain regardless of the choice you make because we are the best Selenium training institute in Chennai.


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