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If you like to study the best Selenium with C# training in Chennai, then you should  get yourself enrolled at the next batch of selenium with C# training at Upshot Technologies in Chennai. Because we are the only ones providing the best Selenium with C# training in Chennai and with our world-class facilities and leading experts as trainers, we have acquired the prestigious title the “best Selenium with C# training institute in Chennai

About Selenium:

  • Open source software testing framework to test web applications or even mobile apps.
  • Developed by ThoughtWorks, a technology company headquartered at Chicago, USA.
  • Cross-platform and can be deployed on Windows, macOS and Linux platforms.
  • Uses Record and Playback feature and its own scripting language (Selenese) to design tests.
  • Supports other languages like C#, Python, Java, Ruby and Perl to write tests.


About C#:

  • A programming language incorporating imperative, declarative, functional, generic and object-oriented programming disciplines.
  • Developed by Microsoft Corporation within its .NET initiative and later approved as a standard by ECMA and ISO.
  • C# is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language designed for the Common Language Infrastructure.
  • First version is C# 1.0 and it was released in January 2002 and the most recent version is C# 7.2, which was released in November 2017.

Upshot Technologies is one of the leading training institutes in Chennai and has been providing the best Selenium with C# training successfully with the help of highly qualified trainers and the state-of-the-art infrastructure. We had earned the name best training institute for Selenium with C# with our 100% placement track record and the affordable price. Some of the distinct features of our Selenium with C# training are listed below:


Tailored to provide the complete knowledge of Selenium and C# and to teach how to work with C# in Selenium.

Comprehensive, including the concepts and methods used in Selenium with C#.

Designed by a team of experts to infuse the skills and knowledge expected from our students.

Frequently updated to include all the recent advancements in Selenium.

Includes small-scale projects in Selenium with C# for practice.


Experts with a splendid career spanning over a decade in Selenium.

Have in-depth knowledge of the concepts used in Selenium wit C#.

Passionate teachers and dedicated professionals.

Conduct special sessions for doubt clarification whenever the students request


State-of-the-art computer lab with Selenium installed in all of the systems.

Smart classrooms with projectors and internet connection to provide the live demos of working of C# in Selenium.

Video-conferencing enabled halls to conduct guest lectures on Selenium with C#.

Fully air-conditioned labs with assistants to help our students practice.

Free high speed Wi-Fi to help our students learn more about Selenium with C#.


100% job assurance for all the successful students of our training.

Dedicated team to help our students get a job at the earliest.

Help our students prepare resumes that will stand-out in the group.

Conduct mock tests and offer study materials for interview preparation.

Arrange campus drives and direct interviews to provide advantage for our students.

Some of the other specialties in joining the best Selenium with C# training in Chennai are

  • Flexible batch timings suitable for all the students of our training.
  • Affordable fees structure to help as many students as possible.
  • Simple, clear and reliable study materials to supplement the training and class notes.
  • Special 1-to-1 training and corporate training can be arranged as per request.

Selenium With C# Training Syllabus

  • Overview

Collapse Selenium IDE

  • Introduction
  • Record & Playback
  • Command types
  • Using Verifications
  • Using Asserts
  • Exporting Test Case/Suite to C#/NUnit

Collapse Selenium Webdriver

  • Introduction
  • Setting up new project
  • Project Structure
  • Understanding DOM Structure
  • Finding Elements
  • Assert Types
  • Working with Dynamic Elements (Radio/Checkbox/DropDown/Select Element)
  • Tables and Data grid
  • XPath
  • Embedded JavaScript
  • Cross Platform Browser Testing

Collapse Selenium Framework & Infrastructure

  • Creating Data Driven Tests (XML/DB/Excel)
  • Linq queries (DDT)

Collapse Selenium Server (Optional)

  • What is Selenium Server
  • Intro for Selenium Grid
  • Configuring Selenium Server
  • Grid Configuration
  • Setting up Grid
  • Running a Test in Grid
  • Best Practice Techniques and Structure
  • Error Handling
  • Actions And Alerts

Expand Running Automation Tests Automatically Running Automation Tests Automatically

There is no official certification for Selenium with C# because Selenium is an open source tool and C# is one of the languages supported by Selenium. Still, you can prove your skills to the companies by creating your own test cases in Selenium with C#. And we will help you do that at our best Selenium with C# training institute. It will enormously increase your chances of getting selected in the recruitment drives. Since you had joined and studied at the best Selenium with C# training institute in Bangalore, you can easily get a job also without any certification. Our placement team will help you get a job as soon as you complete our course, the best Selenium with C# training. All you need to do is complete our training successfully. Studying at the best training institute in Chennai has a lot of benefits other than the certification..

After the completion of your Selenium with C# training at the best training institute in Chennai, you will have numerous job opportunities available in all the major IT hubs all over the world. Some of the job positions for which you can apply, are listed below:

  • Automation Test Engineer – Selenium/C#
  • Selenium with C# – Automation Tester
  • C# Selenium Professional
  • Quality Analyst Automation Engineer

Apart from the jobs above, some other career options are also available to you such as promotions, switching job to a new company with a salary hike and teaching at training institutes. We are determined to help you have a great career in Selenium with C# domain because placement support is one of the best features of us, the best training institute in Chennai.


   Best IT training institute in Chennai with Placement

“You don’t have to believe our words that name Upshot technologies as the Best IT training institute in Chennai but you have to believe the words of our students which are spoken from the experience they had from our training.



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