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To join the best Selenium with Python training in Chennai, you should join the upcoming batch of Selenium with Python training at Upshot Technologies in Chennai. Because we are the ones providing the best Selenium with Python training in Chennai and with the state-of-the-art facilities and 100% placement record, we have got the name “best Selenium with Python training institute in Chennai


About Selenium:
  Open source software testing framework to test web applications.
  Developed by ThoughtWorks, Chicago, USA.
  Cross-platform and can be deployed on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.
  Uses Playback feature and its own scripting language (Selenese) to design tests.
  Supports other languages like Python, C#, Java, Ruby and Perl to write tests.

About Python:
A popular high-level programming language created by Guido van Rossum in 1991.
  First release (Version 1.0) was on February 1991 and the latest release (Version 3.6.4) was on December 2017.
  Easy-to-use and simplicity makes it widely used language for general-purpose programming.
  Has 2 important features namely code readability which uses white space in place of braces and syntax which needs fewer lines of code than all other programming languages.
  Freely available and can be used on multiple platforms such as Windows, macOS and Linux.
  Used in various domains such as web applications, internet scripting, database and gaming.

Upshot Technologies is one of the foremost training institutes in Chennai and has been providing the best Selenium with Python training successfully with a perfect syllabus, highly qualified trainers, advanced labs and a dedicated placement team. We had received the title “best training institute in Chennai for Selenium with Python” with our 100% placement track record and the great reputation. Some of the specialties of our Selenium with Python training are listed below

  Designed to provide the complete knowledge of Selenium and Python and to teach how to work with Python in Selenium.
  Elaborate and includes the concepts used in Selenium with Python.
  Prepared by a team of experts to satisfy the expectations of the industry.
  Updated often to include all the recent developments in Selenium.
  Includes small-scale projects in Selenium with Python for practice

  Experts with a decade long career in Selenium with Python.
  Have in-depth knowledge of the concepts used in Selenium with Python.
  Passionate teachers with working experience in Selenium with Python.
  Conduct special sessions for clearing the doubts of our students whenever possible.
  Provide emotional support for those who need them to concentrate on learning.

  State-of-the-art computer lab with Selenium installed in all of the systems.
  Smart classrooms with projector to provide demos of working of Python in Selenium.
  Rooms with video-conferencing kits to conduct webinars on Selenium with Python.
  Sophisticated labs with lab assistants to help our students while practicing.
  Unlimited internet connection to help our students stay up-to-date.

  Guaranteed jobs for all the successful students who complete our training.
  Dedicated placement team to help our students get a job as soon as possible.
  Help our students in resume preparation and ensure that their resumes are unique.
  Offer a lot of study materials for technical interview rounds.
  Conduct mock tests and interviews to make our students prepared

  Morning and Evening batch timings in weekdays and weekend batches available.
  Fees structure affordable by all our students without stressing their financial state.
  Top quality study materials prepared by our experts to supplement the training.
  Access to our own online library containing information about Selenium with Python.
  Special 1-to-1 training and corporate training can be arranged as per request.

Selenium with Python Syllabus

Introduction to Selenium
  Introduction to Selenium
  Introduction to Automation Testing
  Scope of Selenium Training
  Why Automation Testing
  Introduction to testing Lifecycle
  Introduction to Selenium components
  What was Selenium 1.0&2.0
  What is Selenium 3.0
  Selenium 1 V/s Selenium 2 Vs Selenium 3
  What is web driver?
  Why Web Driver?

Installation and setting up environment
  Installation of Python and PIP
  Downloading and setting up Selenium
  Installing Python IDE (PyCharm or Eclipse plug-in or PyScripter)
  Configuring the environment

Python Basics part-I
  DevOps Tools and techniques
  DevOps Delivery Pipeline
  DevOps Ecosystem
  Continuous Delivery Architecture

Python Basics part-II
  Introduction to data types
  Control Flows
  Functions and Variables
  Data Structures
  Lists & More

Class Exercises & examples

Python Basics Part-III (OOPS Concept)
  Names and Objects
  Python Standard Libraries

Python Basics Part-IV
  Errors and Exceptions
  Input and Output

Selenium IDE
  Installing Selenium IDE
  Recording Script
  Running, Pausing and debugging Script
  Running a script line by line
  Inserting commands in between script

Working with Docker Part II
  Key commands for Docker
  Networking with Docker
  Docker Volumes
  Managing files

Exercises and Case Studies

Verifications and Assertions
  Verification and Asserts
  When to use verify and when to use assertions
  Extracting values from a drop down
  Echo, StoreEval and StoredVars Demystified
  Regular expressions usage

  What are locators
  Types of locators
  Examples of using Locators
  Advantages and disadvantages of using locators

Web Driver Part-I
  Introduction of Web Driver
  Download & configuring Web driver
  Architecture of selenium web driver
  Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome, I-phone, Android
  First Selenium Code
  Introduction to basic commands like get/navigate
  Exception Handling in Selenium

Web Driver Part-II
  Working with web page elements/Controls
  Radio buttons
  Multi-select box
  Date picker
  Combobox widget
  Introducing wait – implicit and explicit wait
  Handling different browsers – Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browser
  Taking screenshots
  Handling Java script alerts, confirmations and prompts

Web Driver Part-III
Working with Windows, Tabs and Frames
  Working with static and dynamic Web tables

Web Driver Part-IV
File Upload and Download
  Working with Proxy APIs

PyTest Framework
  Introduction to PyTest framework
  Installing PyTest
  PyTest Fixtures
  Running multiple tests using PyTest
  Generating Test report.

PyUnit Framework
  Introduction to PyUnit framework
  Installing PyUnit
  PyUnit Annotations
  Test case creations/running
  Assertions/ Reporting Errors
  Reports in PyUnit

Class Exercises

Data Driven Testing
  Reading and writing data from Excel
  Writing automation scripts to use excel data

Example and Exercises

Page Object Model(POM)
  What is Page Object Model (POM)
  Concept of Object Repository
  Need for POM
  Page Factory
  Implementing POM

Example and Exercises

There is no official certification for Selenium with Python because Selenium is an open source tool and Python is one of the languages, not the only language, supported by Selenium. Still, you can prove your skills to the recruiters by writing your own projects in Selenium with Python. And we will help you do that at our best Selenium with Python training institute. It will enormously increase your chances of getting selected in the recruitment drives. Since you had joined and studied at the best Selenium with Python training institute in Chennai, you can easily get a job also without any certification. Our placement team will help you get a job as soon as you complete our course, the best Selenium with Python training. All you need to do is complete our training successfully. Studying at the best training institute in Chennai has a lot of benefits other than the certification..

After the completion of your Selenium with Python training at the best training institute in Chennai, you will have numerous job opportunities coming from all over the world. Some of the designations for which you can apply, are listed below:

  Automation Test Engineer – Selenium with Python
  Senior Software Engineer – Selenium, Python
  Software Quality Assurance Engineer
  Test Automation Architect

Other than the jobs listed above, various career options available to you are getting promotion, switching job with a salary hike and teaching at institutes. Satisfied placement support is one of the important goals of our training, the best Selenium with Python training in Chennai.

   Best IT training institute in Chennai with Placement

“You don’t have to believe our words that name Upshot technologies as the Best IT training institute in Chennai but you have to believe the words of our students which are spoken from the experience they had from our training


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